Real Physics and Cosmology

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Real Physics and Cosmology
Real Physics and Cosmology 20.jpg
Author Josef Tsau
Published 2007
Publisher Infinity Publishing
Pages 126
ISBN 0741438518

Physics of mechanics is the only real physics repeatedly proven correct over the past three-plus centuries. It teaches that matters having masses and relative motions produce all phenomena and predicted the presence of matters (aether) to produce all universal phenomena. Changing from long-time failure in finding aether to denying aether concept has led the scientific community to develop and accept religion-like no-aether theories including modern physics and modern cosmology. We have been in an era of religious pseudo-science for a century already. Finding aether disproves all no-aether theories, offers a broad-range understanding of all universal phenomena and the universe. Hopefully, the book will bring the world back to real science.

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