Relativity - Joke or Swindle?

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Scientific Paper
Title Relativity - Joke or Swindle?
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Author(s) Louis Essen
Keywords relativity
Published 1988
Journal Electronics and Wireless World
Volume 94
No. of pages 2
Pages 126-127

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Some of your contributors find it difficult to accept my contention (WW October, 1978) that Einstein?s theory of relativity is invalidated by its internal errors. Butterfield for example (WW February, 1987) denies that there is any duplication of units or any harm in obtaining results from thought-experiments. Moreover, if my contention is correct, the new experimental work described by Aspden (EWW, August, 1987 ) is not required to disprove the theory, although it might confirm that his assumptions were wrong. This is not to suggest that experimental results are not important but they should be considered as steps in the development of new theories. Discussions about the theory tend to be very involved and your readers may be interested in a brief history of the subject which I wrote some time ago for a friend who wanted to know what the controversy was about and in particular what was the significance of the clock paradox...