Relativity is Dead

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Relativity is Dead
Relativity is Dead 354.gif
Author Otto Luther
Published 1966
Publisher Key Research Corp
Pages 159
ISBN B0007ELHK6 Invalid ISBN

The links in the chain of scientific events that led to relativity theories comprise an imposing array of seemingly profound concepts which only appear to be beyond criticism.  Although the following list includes brilliantly evolved notions about natural philosophy, there exists strong evidence that they are misconceptions which be classified as errors:

  1. General acceptance of the misinterpretted null result of the Michelson experiment in which a ration of times between.

From the Back Cover

Relativity is Dead is a radical critique on relativity theories and is a bold contradiction with those member of the community who regard the relativity theories as valid.

Relativity is Dead is a report on the successful completion of an eight year search for the origins of flagrant inaccuracies contained in the relativity theories. It reject the misconceived notion that concepts which conflict with relativity are worthless.

To shed this joke of scientific bigotry, Luther comes to grips with the opinions of Einstein and his disciples (relativity experts) by identifying the paradoxes, the oversights, the misconceptions, the contradictions, the inversion of fact, the misuse of terms as the errors now in use.  Luther clear a path for unimpeded exposition of new thinking embodied in "A Unified Field Theory of Dynamic Space".

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