Repeating the Harress-Sagnac Experiment (English Translation)

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Scientific Paper
Title Repeating the Harress-Sagnac Experiment (English Translation)
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Author(s) Walter Rella
Keywords Harress, Sagnac, Experiment
Published 1926
Journal None
No. of pages 6

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In his thesis (1911) F. Harress reported the results of his experiments concerning the propagation of light within a rotating vitreous body. A similar experiment has been carried out two years later by Sagnac using air instead of glass as the propagation medium. The theory of the experiment published by Harress has been corrected by P. Harzer and A. Einstein respectively and the theory of both experiments has been correlated to those of Fizeau and Zeeman and exposed together by M. von Laue. Based on these theoretical corrections, O. Knopf has re-examined the results of Harress.

Originally published as "?ber die Wiederholung des Harress-Sagnacschen Versuches?, Annalen der Physik, V80, N51, pp. 217-231 (1926).