Revised Energy Theory of Matter & Cosmology

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Scientific Paper
Title Revised Energy Theory of Matter & Cosmology
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Author(s) Mohammad Shafiq Khan
Keywords Energy, theory, Big Bang, origin, universe, cosmic, particle, matter
Published 2010
Journal Indian Journal of Science and Technology
Volume 3
Number 8
No. of pages 5
Pages 943-947

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A new theory ?Energy Theory of Matter & Cosmology?, as an alternative theory, is proposed which could explain all the problems with different theories of physics, the main cause of which is space?time concept and resultantly the Big Bang Theory fails. Since it is established that the basic building substance of matter is ?energy? and it has to be under the influence of the Universal Creator this energy is converted into the matter. Energy is the name given to the basic substance of which the matter is made up of unlike the meaning as applies in the adopted main-stream physics. During the process of conversion of energy into particles, the particles attained high velocities and collisions of the particles started. These particles in the process of fusion emit radiation which finally have taken the form of Cosmic Background Radiation and under the influence of the conditions created by the Universal Creator and electromagnetic forces in different forms atoms, mainly hydrogen, started forming. Then these atoms under the influence of the gravitation force, which also being an electromagnetic force, started clustering and thereby stars and other astronomical bodies came into existence.