Robert A Herrmann

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Robert A. Herrmann
Residence Annapolis, MD, United States

Articles: * 1993. The Theory of Ultralogics.<http:"" abs="""" 9903081=""> and 9903082.</http:>

  • <http:"" abs="""" 9903081="">1992. A corrected derivation for the Special Theory of relativity. Presented before the Mathematical Association of America, Nov. 14, 1992 at Coppin State College, Baltimore,MD.</http:>
  • <http:"" abs="""" 9903081="">1994. The Special Theory and a nonstandard substratum. Speculations in Science and Technology 17(1):2-10.</http:>
  • <http:"" abs="""" 9903081="">1995. Operator equations, separation of variables and relativistic alterations.Intern. J. Math. & Math. Sci. 18(1):59-62.</http:>
  • <http:"" abs="""" 9903081="">1996. An operator equation and relativistic alterations in the time for radioactive decay. Intern. J. Math. & Math. Sci. 19(2):397-402.
  • <http:"" abs="""" 9903081="">1997. A hypercontinuous, hypersmooth Schwarzchild line-element transformation.Intern. J. Math. & Math. Sci. 20(1):201-204.</http:>