Ronald J Kita

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Ronald J. Kita
Ronald J. Kita
Born (1944-04-01)April 1, 1944
Residence Doylestown, PA, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Gravity, Gravitational Shielding
Scientific career
Fields Independent Researcher, Inventor

Ron Kita is researching the shielding of gravitation by chiral materials. An introduction into gravitational shielding can be found at the Chiral Eotvos Experiment or Chiral Equivalence Principle, Inertial - Gravitational Shielding website: There exists the possibility that chiral molecules are a product of chemistry and the interaction of gravitational waves with stereo- ctive materials. Google search: chiral space-time. CHIRALEX is dedicated to the eventual commercial development of such materials: Kita holds a BS from Villanova (1967), and was invited to the High Frequency Gravitational Shielding Symposium held by the Mitre Corporation, a government think-tank organization in McClean, Va, on May 6-9, 2003. Google Search: Mitre HFGW. Website:

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Important gravity shielding paper:

Patents: (green energy)

  • US #7340919
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