Sankar Hajra

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Sankar Hajra
Sankar Hajra
Born (1946-01-01)January 1, 1946
Residence Calcutta, India
Nationality Indian
Known for Classical Electrodynamics; Relativity
Scientific career
Fields Bank man

I was born in the village, Rajagram, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal, India in 1946. My father Ratimohan Hajra was a primary school teacher. He was proficient in Mathematics. I was educated in the Bajua High School where I learnt Mathematics from H. C. Ghosh. I was graduated from the Presidency College, Calcutta , an academic institution of great repute in India. After my graduation, I joined the Reserve Bank of India, Calcutta and retired from the bank in 2005. I learned relativity from Debabrata Ghosh, a hard anti-relativist in Calcutta. I have been able to replace the theory of relativity, special & general by a very simple rational approach following Maxwell (obviously with Newton). I have no theory of my own.