Scientific Anomalies and other Provocative Phenomena

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Scientific Anomalies and other Provocative Phenomena
Scientific Anomalies and other Provocative Phenomena 162.jpg
Author William R Corliss
Published 2003
Publisher Sourcebook Project
Pages 296
ISBN 0915554453

An Annotated Outline of 6,000 Entries It should not surprise anyone that this Outline contains about 6,000 entries, all of which remain unexplained to my satisfaction, or which, at the very least, I find curious and engaging. My main objectives with this volume are these:

  • The compilation of a list of scientific phenomena worthy of further attention and research
  • The presentation of a "first look" a the entire spectrum of what I have found anomalous, provocative, and exciting in science
  • The provision, via a menu-type index, of a guide to my many already published Catalogs and Handbooks of anomalies and curiosities.

Major Paradigms Targeted

Anomalies exist only when they challenge paradigms and hypotheses. It is unavoidable, therefore, that some paradigms, widely considered to be fact, will be contradicted by many of the phenomena listed in this Outline. For example, the following paradigms that presently dominate scientific thinking are her considered to be at risk:

  • The expanding universe
  • The Big Bang origin of the universe
  • Neo-Darwinism (specifically, evolution via random mutation and natural selection)
  • That genomes are the complete blueprint for lifeforms
  • Plate tectonics/continental drift
  • Special and General Relativity

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