Sidney Bertram

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Sidney Bertram
Sidney Bertram
Born (1913-07-07)July 7, 1913
Residence Scotts Bailey, CA, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Electromagnetism

In 1987, when I retired from Cal Poly, I had a number of projects in mind that would keep me busy. First, I was determined to see my E&M ideas in print. The math book started when Suzanne was in the 7th grade needed finishing and I had a favorite electronic project in mind -- to develop a device that, connected to a telephone, would present a recognizable picture of the voice so that deaf individuals could use it to communicate with anyone without the need for special gadgetry at the other end. Such a device had been demonstrated at Bell Labs around 1950 and the new computer technology promised to make it more effective, much smaller and less expensive. Its development would require me to become more familiar with modern electronic components; my work after WW II had been essentially all system design, with others doing the detailed design, so I had lost contact with the component technology. So far my ideas on this haven't led to much -- but I haven't spent much time on it either. Following a letter to the editor of the IEEE Spectrum, (Feb. 1988), that described my WW II Sonar contributions I received a call from a Mr. Don Davis who runs classes, Seminars and Symposia directed to acoustic measurements; it seems that the FM Sonar was similar in principle to a very modern device used in acoustic measurements. Mr. Davis visited me twice in San Luis Obispo and, at his invitation, I attended a Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee where I was very well received and visited the factory where the measuring device is made and the farm where he runs seminars related to the equipment. Mr. Davis has served as a publicity agent for me, publishing numerous items about my visits and notes that I have sent him. I have tried to publish a paper in that area but so far with no success. A reviewer of the earlier papers now agrees that I was right all along -- but it has yet to be approved for publication. (The most recent version -- 1996 --will probably be "published" as an a technical note added to their Newsletter of Davis's group.)

It is now some years after I started this (4/6/96). The math book was completed and copies were made available to a number of people and a couple of publishers, but so far it has not been published. The math book is being revised as a math and science book.

A version of the E&M paper has been "published" in "Galilean Electrodynamics" a publication for the dissidents who don't agree with modern physics -- in particular with relativity theory. Two Addenda followed and have been incorporated in a new version. I have hopes that it is strong enough to overcome the objections of many in the physics community. My paper showing that the Lorentz transform is an orthogonal conical transformation has also been published in Galilean Electrodynamics.