Some Critiques of the Big Bang Cosmology

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Scientific Paper
Title Some Critiques of the Big Bang Cosmology
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Author(s) Jean-Claude Pecker
Keywords Cosmology, Big Bang
Published 1997
Journal Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy
Volume 18
No. of pages 11
Pages 323-333

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Still more shocking than the metaphysical assumption of some initial singularity, is the constant insistence upon the so-called cosmological principle of ?homogeneity? and ?isotropy? of the Universe. Observations do contradict this principle. And to me, the inhomogeneous, fractal at least on a certain scale range, of the distribution of matter is in itself an important cosmological fact, hitherto almost neglected. Moreover difficultties as to the applicability of the second principle of thermodynamics, observations of abnormal redshifts, etc., are casting large doubts not only upon the standard cosmological models, but even on the interpretation of the observed redshift as due solely to a universal expansion.