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Steve Coleman
Steve Coleman
Residence Laurel, MD, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Unification Theory, Cosmology, Gravitation, Special Relativity, Quantum Physics
Scientific career
Fields Analyst/Engineer

I am working on a Thermodynamic Unification Theory which provides a physical description of the world around us and thus explains all the experimental results and related paradox in a completely physical set of structures, laws, and natural processes. This means entanglement, superposition, wave/particle duality, Gravitation, etc. are all physical processes. Very little has been invented to tie all these concepts together, in one logical and self consistent framework.

I just published the first of several papers to begin introducing my unification work:

On The Thermodynamics Of General Relativity

This paper describes a theory of gravitation which is thermodynamically consistent with all observation evidence, thus neither Dark Matter or Dark Energy is required. By simply viewing the photon as a thermodynamic process gravitation becomes an emergent property of spacetime without introducing new particles or requiring any new physics. Its a simple and elegant solution to many open issues in physics, and is based on the first principals of thermodynamics.


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