Steve Waterman

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Steve Waterman
Steve Waterman
Born (1952-12-00)December 0, 1952 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Nationality USA / Canadian
Known for Relativity, Mathematics, Cartography, Sphere Packing
Scientific career
Fields Independent Researcher, Cartographer

My background stems from nearing 20 years of independent research into the packing of equally sized spheres. I continue to follow that path since then, trying to see when and where those might apply. I spent two years just figuring out that in a cubic close packing arrangement (ccp), that all distances between sphere centers was in the form or the square root of an integer. This allowed a simple algorithm to manifest a cluster by that sqrt of an integer value, as a point set. This point set then was made into a convex hull. waterman polyhedron applet made by Mark Newbold. A good write-up about them by Paul Bourke...initial convex hulls and clusters Later, one of these polyhedron was selected to manifest a world map. first page of my site In my attempts to find out more about the ccp, the path led to nuclear structure, and I was eventually confronted by my theories being questioned as they did not account for Relativistic concerns. That brings me towards today and my challenge to the math of the hardly ever heard of, Woldemar Voigt. In 1887, so pre-dating Einstein's 1905 paper by 18 years, Woldemar Voigt wrote a set of equations using x' = x-vt. This is mathematically challenged by this author, in a couple of forms. First, a 2 1/2 minute video. math challenge of x' = x-vt Then, perhaps a couple of short 'thought experiments" upon this same concern. Einsteins Left Behind and The Appointment that Woldemar never kept. I guess I will even include this too as part of introducing myself here at overall perspective ( as a poem )