Super-Kamiokande: Super-Proof for Neutrino Non-existence

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Scientific Paper
Title Super-Kamiokande: Super-Proof for Neutrino Non-existence
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Author(s) Ricardo L Carezani
Keywords neutrino, autodynamics, special relativity
Published 1998
Journal None
No. of pages 6

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One can agree or disagree with the Walt Disney?s philosophy used in his characters, but there is a world wide consensus that Fantasia is Disney?s conception. Twentieth century Physic?s equivalent of Fantasia has been the Neutrino. During the last 67 years (1998-1931) some of the most fantastic explanations and experiments were invented involving Neutrinos: Pauli?s creation to save SR?s inability to explain energy and momentum conservation in the historic RaE experiments.