The Aether, Inertia and Cosmology

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Scientific Paper
Title The Aether, Inertia and Cosmology
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Author(s) Peter F Browne
Keywords Aether fluid, cosmological model, de Sitter cosmology
Published 1996
Journal Apeiron
Volume 3
No. of pages 3
Pages 14-16

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Assigning to the Aether fluid a velocity-dependent refractive index can ensure that a spherical light wave remains spherical for all observers. Motion relative to zero-point radiation cannot be measured, suggesting identification with the Aether. The divergent energy density U of zero-point radiation when added to self-gravitational potential energy density cU Kc2 hfb0g, where fb0g = -2pGroR2 3 yields total energy density Kroc2 , which is finite if 2pGroR2 = 3Kc2 . Because mfb0g= -Kmc2 , addition of mass m does not increase ro . The uniformly dense sphere then becomes an exact cosmological model. Spontaneous matter creation is possible at any world point without affecting ro . Duality of such a theory with de Sitter cosmology is claimed.