The Aether Revival of Harold Aspden

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Scientific Paper
Title The Aether Revival of Harold Aspden
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Author(s) Harold Aspden, Alvin W Miller
Keywords Ether
Published 1997
Journal Journal of New Energy
Volume 2
Number 12
No. of pages 2

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Book Review. Publication of this book substantiates the existence of a movement to take the concept of the ?ther seriously. A plethora of models are already available, whether home brew, quasi-academic or academic. A couple of samples: a Dirac Madelung fluid with spinning tops; empty set (vacuum) pixel space associated with localized vortex elements (Lazarus in Cold Fusion, #21); ticking cellular automata with pulsating toroidal spheres or annular wave packets packed linearly with spin traverse polarization. These are hidden variable theories that postulate vortex structures (harmonic oscillators, soliton lumps, topological kinks, vortex sponges, hollow spiral filaments, etc.) situated on a typically cubic lattice where adjacent neighbors rotate/oscillate in anti-ferromagnetic-type order (opposite)...