The Analysis of Maxwell's Equations: Set 2

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Scientific Paper
Title The Analysis of Maxwell\'s Equations: Set 2
Author(s) D E McLennan
Keywords Maxwell's equations, work-energy theorem, momentum, kinetic energy, spin, fundamental charge density
Published 1988
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 1
Number 4
Pages 285-289


It is argued here that all the mass in the world is of electromagnetic origin and that this must be described by the short-range fields of Set 2 Maxwell's equations. In support of this argument, the work-energy theorem and the work-potential energy theorem from mechanics are applied to classical electrodynamics. The forms so derived aid in recognizing the particle properties momentum and kinetic energy in both ?force-field? and potential forms. One disconcerting conclusion is that both mass and charge densities must always travel at c; as a consequence, a rest particle must spin.