The Case for a Lesagian Theory of Gravitation

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Scientific Paper
Title The Case for a Lesagian Theory of Gravitation
Author(s) John B Kizer
Keywords Lesagian theory, gravitation, mathematical equivalence, Newtonian theory, collision
Published 1983
Journal None
Pages 26-28


The objections of establishment physicists to Lesagian theories are discussed and refuted. D'Alembert's paradox which is rightly accepted by the establishment is shown to be the same type of situation that they object to in a Lesagian theory. Thus if their explanation of hydrodynamics is consistent so must be Lesagian theory with regard to the discussed objection. Also discussed are the proofs of George Darwin showing the mathematical equivalence of Lesagian theory with Newtonian theory. Darwin's theory of perfectly inelastic hits does not lead to friction because there is no heat generated by a perfectly inelastic collision between a moving body and a stationary body. It is also shown that if one assumes neutrino-like particles, there is no marked deviation from the Newtonian law of gravitation when dealing with many-body problems.