The Cause of Gravity, E M, and Q M

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Scientific Paper
Title The Cause of Gravity, E M, and Q M
Author(s) Paul A Stowe
Keywords Gravity, Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics
Published 1998
Journal None


This article is to present an overview discussion for a conceptual model which is based on basic kinetic theory, and Maxwell's model of atomic vortices. It also encompasses gravitation and its Newtonian derivation, Quantum Mechanic & Planck's constant, and EM (as well it should, being based on Maxwell's model). The model does specifically predict certain differences that are not currently covered in the standard physics models as they exist today. These include:

  • A thermal emission component that is directly related to the gravitational field of a material body.
  • A drag component for any mass with translational motion in free isotropic space.
  • Distorted orbital rotation velocities for very large gravitating mass distributions and bodies.
  • An acceleration field results from any E field gradient.
  • The actual value of elemental charge is not constant, and depends on the permitivitty and permeability of the region of space in which it occupies.