The Cosmic Coincidence

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Scientific Paper
Title The Cosmic Coincidence
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Author(s) Bob Ticer
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Published 2012
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 9
No. of pages 7
Pages 614-620

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After Einstein inserted a cosmological constant into his field equations for a repulsive force that would prevent a finite universe from collapsing by gravity, Alexander Friedmann concluded an infinite number of models were possible. A model now established is that of Big Bang Theory (BBT) whereby the universe has expanded from a miniature volume of space and somehow the rate of expansion has increased, in theory, by some mysterious presence of dark energy. However, what complicates this model is the Cosmic Coincidence whereby the present rate of expansion equates to the ratio of gravitational and electrostatic forces. Another model of the universe is thus proposed whereby General Relativity Theory (GRT) is to be modified to somehow comply with the Cosmic Coincidence.