The Doppler Observations of Venus Contradict the SRT

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Scientific Paper
Title The Doppler Observations of Venus Contradict the SRT
Author(s) Svetlana Tochel\'Nikova-Muri
Keywords frequency shift, Venus, electromagnetic
Published 1993
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 4
Number 1
Pages 3-6


The empirical formula for the frequency shift of a radar signal returned from Venus, found in [2] as the best approximation to the observed data up to second-order terms in u/c is identical with a formula derived by the author directly from classical physics, and differs from the relativistic frequency shift. The paper shows the basic errors made by the authors of [2] in order to obtain "agreement" of their observations with relativistic physics. Correction of these errors leads to agreement of the experimental data with the classical theory of the propagation of electromagnetic oscillations and to the inevitability of perfecting the method of reduction of radar observations, which in the final outcome will lead to a higher precision of the ephemerides.