The Essential Relationship Between Mass and Energy

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Scientific Paper
Title The Essential Relationship Between Mass and Energy
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Author(s) Zifeng Li
Keywords special relativity, mass, energy, velocity of light, mass-velocity equation, mass-energy equation
Published 2007
Journal None
No. of pages 7

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Published in:

  • Scientific Inquiry, 8(2): 256-262.
  • Science, 2007, (20): 6-8. (in simplified Chinese)
  • Chinese Academic Forum, 2006, (34):55-57. (in traditional Chinese)

This paper introduces the essences of mass, time, length and energy, as well as their standard measurement units, analyzes mass-velocity relationships in different theories, and comments on these relationships. Also the paper negates the mass-velocity equation and the mass-energy equation in the special relativity; analyzes the source and generating mechanism of atomic energy. The author deems that mass is mass, energy is energy; mass cannot be transformed into energy and energy cannot be transformed into mass. These two concepts can??t be converted into each other. There are mass conservation and energy conservation, individually.