The Failure of Quantum Mechanics

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Scientific Paper
Title The Failure of Quantum Mechanics
Author(s) Paul Wesley
Keywords Quantum Mechanics
Published 1996
Journal None
Pages 381-394


The empirically correct classical quantum theory is briefly outlined for comparison with empirically impossible orthodox quantum mechanics: The de Broglie wave cannot represent a physical wave. A wave packet doe snot exist. A single particle wave does not exist. The operator approach fails. The ambiguous complex representation with imaginary number i = (-1 makes it impossible to fit initial and boundary conditions. The arbitrary quantum mechanical particle flux and density are not observed. Bound states cannot be motionless. The wave function is not a probability amplitude. The uncertainty principle with its huge uncertainties fails drastically. EPR demonstrate the failure of quantum mechanics. The quantum mechanical claim of instantaneous action at a distance without any physical mechanism involved is pure mysticism. Hidden variables are not necessary. Claims of experimentally violating Bell's inequality are fraudulent.