The Fatal Mistakes

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Scientific Paper
Title The Fatal Mistakes
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Author(s) John-Erik Persson
Keywords relativity
Published 2011
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 8
No. of pages 2
Pages 444-445

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  1. The use of sound waves as a model for light waves ignores an important .difference between longitudinal and transverse wave motions. This mistake has resulted in the illegal use of stellar aberration as an evidence against the entrained ether.
  2. The global positioning system (GPS) is the most obvious evidence against the absurd idea of a light speed that is isotropic in relation to all inertial frames. The importance of this evidence has not been observed due to a wrong classification of Sagnac effect as an effect of rotation.
  3. Michelson-Morley's experiments are analyzed and found to be without relevance for the ether-wind.