The Fundamental Equations of Electrodynamics

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Scientific Paper
Title The Fundamental Equations of Electrodynamics
Author(s) D E McLennan
Keywords classical electrodynamics, inhomogeneous Maxwell equations, integral vs differential Maxwell equations
Published 1988
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 1
Number 3
Pages 171-175


The inhomgeneous equations of electrodynamics known as the Maxwell-Lorentz equations have been incorrectly interpreted since they were first produced early in this century. In the present paper it is shown that the two equations containing the inhomogeneities <img border="0" alt="rho" align="middle" src="" />, j lead to a set of differential equations governing short-range fields that exist at the same point as their source densities <img border="0" alt="rho" align="middle" src="" /> and j, and that vanish wherever <img border="0" alt="rho" align="middle" src="" /> and j are zero. It is suggested that these are the missing differential equations governing the structure and stability of electromagnetic particles.