The God Cipher

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The God Cipher
File:The God Cipher 119.ppt
Author Jeffrey M Lee
Published 2008
Publisher MindSight Publications
Pages 172
ISBN 9781599162

By revealing the mathematical interconnection between atomic structure and Time Dilation, this book, for the first time ever in the entire history of Physics, exposes the fact that Time Dilation (from SpaceTime-Motion Physics), was used to design the physical configuration of the atom's orbits, now enabling us to connect Quantum Mechanics directly to SpaceTime-Motion Physics. This is something that Theoretical Physics academia has been trying to do for over three-quarters of a century now with absolutely no success whatsoever. By understanding how this new discovery exposes the fact that Time Dilation was used to physically configure the observed structure of the atom's orbits, finally enabling us to connect Quantum Mechanics to SpaceTime-Motion Physics, we find we are now able to expose this "mathematical doorway" leading us directly into the new Physics of the Twenty-First Century and beyond called: "Reality Physics".

Secondly, by revealing that Time Dilation was used to structure the atom, we also prove that whatever designed and configured the atom's orbits had to be intelligent enough to understand what Time Dilation is. This now requires the necessity of a GOD-Intelligence existing beyond the known universe, in that, the universe is no prerequisite for its ability to exist as it is for ours or for any form of extraterrestrial life we might find somewhere out in the universe. "The GOD-CIPHER" is actually a series, or group, of simple equations within Reality Physics where each of these equations has the ability to mathematically interconnect Time Dilation to observed atomic structure. It is directly from this line of reasoning here that we are now able to prove this entire universe was both designed and "brought into being" by a GOD-Intelligence using a mathematically perfect "Preconceived Intelligent Design". 

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