The Introduction Into New Physics - Part One

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The Introduction Into New Physics - Part One
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Author Goran Mitic
Published 2008
Pages 212
ISBN 978-8691100919

This book introduces: temperature relativity of mass, repulsive mass, antigravity! * I pronounce that the hot fusion is absolutely impossible!

  • I create antigravitatinal model of the Sun!
  • I create new astrophysics, without the hot fusion and black holes but with antygravity!
  • I give cause of rotation of celestial bodies and mechanism of its preservation!
  • I give beginning of the Universe without Big Bang!
  • I correct and expand Newton's physics and delete Einstein's theories of relativity!
  • I write about only three dimensions and give explanation that "constants" are not constant!

I am writing about my understanding of the world that is surrounding us, whether we see it with our own eyes or whether we perceive it using different helping aids that we have invented so far.

I did not intend to write a book about it, not even a theory, because it all started from one idea. As I was developing, that is checking my idea, I slowly started realising that it can not just blend in with the existing theories in physics thus supplementing or improving them. In time I realised that I would have to make a whole new theory out of my idea. And when I started developing and checking my new theory in different areas of physics, I came to a surprising conclusion even for myself, and that is that I would have to start creating a new physics.

To put it simply, when repairing of an old car becomes meaningless because of the finances as well as the time needed, and there is complete uncertainty of whether it is even fixable, a man logically concludes that it is time to buy a new vehicle

The same is with, lets say, Ncolaus Copernicus, who could not reconcile his discoveries about the movement of celestial bodies with the existing astronomy, so he had to create a new astronomy which claimed that the Earth revolves around the Sun, as well as all other planets.

In the Middle Ages the flow of ideas was not only slow, but also prevented by the Church, so it took 150 years for his ?New astromomy? to become accepted.

It is going to be very interesting to see how it is going to be with the new physics today in the 21st century when electronic media and the internet have made people very well informed and closely connected.

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