The Invariance of Discrete Counts

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Scientific Paper
Title The Invariance of Discrete Counts
Author(s) Boris I Peshchevitsky
Keywords invariance, discrete counts, Lorentz transformation, STR
Published 1991
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 2
Number 5
Pages 83-86


It is shown that the models of both Lorentz-Poincare and Einstein describe the same world in terms of systems that are not equally privileged in dimensions and in the velocity of processes. Forcing them to be equivalent by means of the Lorentz transformation is the result of an artificial procedure     introducing time coordinates with local time readings which are not a property of nature. That is, the STR is a purely subjective description of the world. One of the contradictions inherent in the resulting theory is the discrepancy in the number of events observed in different systems.