The Key to the Universe: The Electromechanical Analogies

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Scientific Paper
Title The Key to the Universe: The Electromechanical Analogies
Author(s) Robert L Stilmar
Keywords Electromechanics
Published 2000
Journal None


The Electromechanical Analogies come from the fact that the equations for the electrical and mechanical worlds are of identical form. This means Mass is analogous to Inductance, and since Inductance is created by Current (e.m.u.), Mass must be the result of Ether Current (e.s.u.).The velocity of the latter is the velocity of light, which, then, relates e.s.u. to e.m.u .. And since the gravitational force has been found, experimentally, to be instantaneous, the restoration of the Ether now enables a Universe produced from this substance to hold together if it is rotating. Furthermore, this force has been found to be the result of the rotation of the positive charge, and caused by a Counter-e.m.f. or Counterforce produced in the creation of Mass.