The Nature of Electromagnetic Induction

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Scientific Paper
Title The Nature of Electromagnetic Induction
Author(s) Oleg D Jefimenko
Keywords electromagnetic induction, electric fields, magnetic fields
Published 1996
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 7
Number 5
Pages 83-86


Electromagnetic industion is usually attributed to generation of electric fields by changing magnetic fields to generation of magnetic fields by changing electric fields.  However, an analysis of the causal relations in time-variable electric and magnetic fields has shown that neither of the two fields can create the other, and that in time-dependent systems both fields are simultaneously created by a common causative source--the time-variable electric current.  A time-variable electric current creates an electric field whose direction is parallel to the current.  This field exerts a "dragging force" on electric charges located within nearby conductors thus creating induced electric currents in them.