The Power of URL to Delineate the Cosmos

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Scientific Paper
Title The Power of URL to Delineate the Cosmos
Author(s) Satya Pal Asija
Keywords cosmos, universe, universal, relationship, law, Aristotle, Galielo, Newton, Einstein, right, wrong, evidence, anthroptimum, intuition, [[]]
Published 2010
Journal None


This paper and concomitant presentation delineate how this one URL is comparable in scope to Newton's UGL (Universal Law of Gravitation) for potential to contribute to our understanding of our universe, which is breath taking in all humility, by following examples. # In URL range II (From Vn to c) how
  1. Aristotle and Einstein both WRONG
  2. Galileo and everybody to date also Wrong
  3. URL Correction applies
  1. In URL Range I (From 0 to Vn) how
    1. Aristotle and Einstein inadvertently unintentional RIGHT
    2. Galileo and everybody WRONG
    3. URL Correction applies
  2. Only Galileo (& all those who still agree with him)
    1. WRONG in both ranges.
    2. OUR PAL RIGHT in both ranges because of valid URL correction
  3. Hints of Evidence FOR (Our Pal Position) Lighter go faster or Heavier go slower in range II
    1. Experience in Accelerators for speeds approaching c
    2. Smaller particles as in Saturn's rings go faster
    3. Galileo's pendulum swing rate ( shorter pendulum swings faster and likewise lower mass pendulum also swings faster)
  4. Hints of Evidence FOR (Aristotle-Einstein position) 'Heavier fall faster lighter go slower in range II'?
    1. Nature applies mass proportionate force to Newton' 2nd law
    2. Shuttle to space station docking experience lower orbit is a faster orbit regardless of mass differential between lower mass of shuttle compared to larger mass of the international space station.
  5. Note: The statements flip when any of the following are reversed:
    1. FOR & AGAINST
    2. Our Pal & Aristotle Einstein
    3. Slower and Faster
    4. Lighter and Heavier
    5. Range I and Range II
    6. P.S. to Note: In case of multiple flips, the rule is to flop only for odd number of flips (1, 3, 5) and no change is warranted to flip even number of times (2 or 4)
  6. Mass Motion and Gravity Interface
    1. Aristotle's Intuition
    2. Galileo's Experiments and Empirical Evidence
    3. Einstein's SRT (Special Relativity Theory with inherent inconsistency between length contraction and Mass increase)
    4. Our Pal correction (Ratio of Ratios)
  7. Note: Our inability to measure small effect is neither evidence FOR nor AGAINST any of the three following positions.
    1. Aristotle-Einstein That heavier fall faster or faster get more massive
    2. Galileo and everybody who agrees with Galileo even today that lighter and heavier fall at the same rate in vacuum.
    3. Our Pal position that lighter go faster