The SpaceTime-Quantum Math Path

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Scientific Paper
Title The SpaceTime-Quantum Math Path
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Author(s) Jeffrey M Lee
Keywords Theory of Everything
Published 2004
Journal None
No. of pages 5

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For over three-quarters of a century now Theoretical Physics has been desperately searching for that: T.O.E., or: "Theory Of Everything" combining Space-time Motion Physics with Quantum Mechanics. This "quest" has been called the "Holy Grail" of Physics since the combination of these two main theories would, it is believed, finally allow us to combine the four primary forces of gravity, the electromagnetic force, and the strong and week nuclear forces into one overall explanation describing everything about how the universe actually works. To know this, it has been said, would be to know the mind of God since this knowledge lies at the very foundation structure of the fundamental nature of objective physical reality.