The Total Gravitational Flux of Free Space

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Scientific Paper
Title The Total Gravitational Flux of Free Space
Author(s) John B Kizer
Keywords gravitational flux, free space, general relativity, earth, energy, volume, flux, space, masses
Published 1983
Journal None
Pages 30-32


Since general relativity, although logically contradictory, agrees with experiment, it is at least useful in helping to determine exactly how much gravitational shielding should take place for the case of the earth. This is calculated and found to be 10-8 of the total gravitation. According to the Lesagian hypothesis, this indicates 108 particles pass through the earth for every effective hit. From this datum and the known energy of the earth toward the sun is calculated the total gravitational energy flux of a volume of the earth. Since the total flux is the same everywhere in space only the effective flux being affected by masses, this gives the value for the gravitational flux of free space.