The Vortex Theory - Revised

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The Vortex Theory - Revised
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Author Arnold G Gulko
Published 2006/1980/1985
Publisher Vortex Unlimited
Pages 161


  1. Was Einstein Right after All?
  2. A Fluid Analysis of Matter
  3. The Charged Particles
  4. The Energy-Matter Connection
  5. The Spin of the Charged Particles
  6. The Neutron and its Association with the Proton
  7. Helium
  8. The Elements Heavier Than Helium
  9. The Structure of the Nucleus - General Considerations
  10. Inertia, Acceleration and Gravity
  11. The Nature of Light
  12. An Analysis of Force
  13. The Charged Particles and Their Association to Form Hydrogen
  14. The Electronic Configuration of the Lowere Elements
  15. Magnesium Undermines the Periodic Table
  16. The Elements Heavier Than Titanium
  17. The Minimum Neutron Content in the Fourth Period
  18. The Nuclear Periodic Table

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