Theory of the Universe

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Theory of the Universe
Author Geoffrey Read
Published 2003
Publisher Geoffrey Read

Geoffrey Read's ongoing definitive account of his theory as an ebook. No part of this text may be reproduced in any form, save that of brief quotation for the purposes of philosophical discussion, without prior permission of the author. Contents:

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 The Nature of Cosmology
  • Chapter 3 Cosmology: A Historical Overview. The Pre-Scientific Epoch
  • Chapter 4 Cosmology: A Historical Overview. The Scientific Epoch. Part 1: Copernicus to Kant
  • Chapter 5 Cosmology: A Historical Overview. The Scientific Epoch. Part 2: Post-Kant
  • Chapter 6 A New Substance Theory
  • Chapter 7 A New Fundamental Physics. Part 1: Ontology
  • Chapter 8 A New Fundamental Physics. Part2: The Quantum Realm
  • Chapter 9 The Origin of the Organic
  • Chapter 10 The Evolution of Experience
  • Chapter 11 Nervous Systems and the Evolution of Experience
  • Chapter 12 The Emergence of Mind
  • Chapter 13 Multimodal Spatial Vision
  • Chapter 14 Intelligence
  • Chapter 15 The Paranormal
  • Chapter 16 Noospheric Evolution
  • Chapter 17 The Spiritual Dimension

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