Thoughts on Electromagnetics

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Scientific Paper
Title Thoughts on Electromagnetics
Author(s) Charles A Yost, Leslee A Kulba
Keywords accelerating charge, causality, electromagnetic theory, LBPH, light propagation, location of charge, Maxwell?s equations, permeability, permittivity, phase of B and E, radiation
Published 1996
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 19
Pages 6-15


With the ESJ Forum, we present differing views on a selected topic. The contributors are often far more knowledgeable about the subject than we are at ESJ. But, even the most knowledgeable have different opinions, and we expect the forum to generate much critical argument. It is our hope that by including such diverse views, we will facilitate interactive learning and understanding. In this issue, the discussion centers on commentary about electromagnetics that was sparked by ESJ 18.