Toward Modernization of Weber's Force Law

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Scientific Paper
Title Toward Modernization of Weber\'s Force Law
Author(s) Thomas E Phipps
Keywords Wilhelm Weber, Force Law
Published 1990
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 3
Number 4
Pages 414-420


Weber's electrodynamics based on a velocity-dependent potential with instantaneous action-at-a-distance reproduced the observational agreements of Amp?re's force law. Critics such as Heimholt pointed out that Weber's law implied nonphysical negative mass effects. A modernization of Weber's formulation is suggested that overcomes Helmholtz's objection. The consequences offer possibilities of experimental testing and revival of the action-at-a-distance mode of description. A method of clock synchronization based on proper time, which confirms the feasibility of such a development, is reviewed in an appendix. Another appendix examines the possibility of higher-order modifications of the force law.