Unified Fluid Dynamic Theory of Physics

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Unified Fluid Dynamic Theory of Physics
Unified Fluid Dynamic Theory of Physics 1535.jpg
Author Tom Lang
Published 2011
Publisher Author House
Pages 164
ISBN 978-1463441548 (sc) Invalid ISBN

Finally, a new unified theory of physics is available that does the impossible: it provides a physical understanding of physics. Space returns to three dimensions, and does not warp with time. Dr. Lang's remarkable new theory physically explains quantum mechanics, gravitational fields, electromagnetic fields, nuclear physics, and the strong and weak forces. His recipe was to creatively blend fundamental laws of physics with fluid dynamics. Energy, mass, forces, fields, photons, elementary particles, quantum mechanics, electricity, magnetism, and gravity are now understandable; and each is surprisingly different from what is taught.  For example, gravity is shown to be an inherent property of all photons and matter, quantum phenomena are no longer mysterious, and electric and magnetic fields are really fluid fields. Dr. Lang's theory is astonishingly different from Einstein's relativity, quantum mechanics, and the ether theory of the 1800's. The acceptance of this creative new theory will surely depend upon how well it unifies physics, agrees with experiment, explains known phenomena, predicts new phenomena, and solves any remaining physical mysteries in modern physics and other sciences.

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