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Unity 1423.jpg
Author David Barclay
Published 2009
Publisher Lulu Enterprises
Pages 146

Unity explains the universe like you've never had it explained before. A whole new concept of universe awaits you, are you ready for a life changing perspective? Unity explains the field concept connecting all of us to everything. Unity opens doors to free energy and gravity control. Overcomes the barriers of space colonization and inter-dimensional transformation. Unity will take you where you've never gone before. Plus you might wish to join us at www.gravitycontrol.org. The Unity theory by David Barclay is the only existing relativity theory that earns it name fully, by connecting all observeable events in universe into a flawless harmonic structure of relation. The fact that this amazing theory is opposing the very fundament of contemporary science makes it a must to read for anyone aware of the flaws in modern quantuum theory, as well as highly interesting reading for those of us that just have a feeling that the science of today is missing something. Anyone who has had the opportunity to assimilate and understand this theory, will inevitably arrive to the insight that David Barclay is our modern Copernicus, far ahead of his time. - Gwandau, Lulu

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