Update on the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies

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Scientific Paper
Title Update on the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies
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Author(s) Ian J Cowan
Keywords Special Relativity, Electrodynamics, Electromagnetic wave propagation, Relativity and gravitation
Published 2003
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 14
Number 6
No. of pages 10
Pages 103-110

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This paper considers experiments up to the present that have been concerned in independent ways with electrodynamic measurements. If electromagnetic energy generated on the Earth is considered to be approximately carried by its co-ordinate frame in its solar orbit, this, together with a reanalysis of classical electromagnetic theory retaining the small, but non-zero, term involving the electric conductivity of free space, leads to a satisfactory explanation of observed phenomena, and to a necessary reassessment of relativistic and cosmological physical theories developed during the last century.

PACS: 03.30.+p, 04.40.Nr, 41.20.Jb, 95.30.Sf

Also (revised and updated) in Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific Conference, Space, Time, Gravitation, Baltic State Technical University, pp. 143-195, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2005.