Water Arc Explosions

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Scientific Paper
Title Water Arc Explosions
Author(s) Richard L Hull
Keywords Ampere force, excess energy, experiment, water arc explosions
Published 1995
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 14
No. of pages 7-15


The interest in water arc explosions stems from the fact that the electrical energy input appears to be much too small to account for the energetic mechanical energy output caused by the arc, wherein a high velocity jet of plasma-vaporized water can punch holes in ?? thick plywood.

The electrical input energy is hardly enough to increase the water temperature even a fraction of the amount required to produce steam; yet it will thrust a projectile at the speed of a bullet. We have one fascinating possibility that simple water might be electrically converted into an efficient thrusting mass for rocket propulsion. And, even more enticing, perhaps some excess energy is being produced by some form of atomic reaction.

The real puzzles at this stage are just how much of the electrical energy is converted into mass momentum, and what are the most effective methods to test and measure the energy conversion. Peter Graneau and his associates have been investigating this phenomenon for 10 years, and now Richard Hull has joined this extremely capable team to help resolve the puzzle of testing and measuring the energy conversion efficiency.