Wave Functions of Visual Systems

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Scientific Paper
Title Wave Functions of Visual Systems
Author(s) Richard Oldani
Keywords neuroscience, vision, wave function, coherence, consciousness
Published 2012
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 25
Number 2
No. of pages 6
Pages ?


Hyperacute vision experiments demonstrate conclusively that vision initiates in the retina in the form of a wave. When the idea of wave signaling is applied to human vision considerable evidence is cited to show that physical continuity of the image is maintained until it arrives in the cortex as a standing wave. These findings together with well known properties of the nervous system allow the life form to be treated as an ordinary material system approximated by the time-dependent Schroedinger wave equation, with solutions given by superpositions of standing waves. Supporting evidence is provided by characteristics of standing waves calculated from the de Broglie wave relation which are evident throughout the nervous system. Since life form processes can be approximated by a wave function the question is posed whether the statistics of evolution are classical or quantum mechanical in origin.

Copy supplied upon request.