Wayne Green

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Wayne Green
Wayne Green
Born (1922-09-03)September 3, 1922
Residence Hancock, NH, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Cold Fusion, New Energy, Health, Education
Scientific career
Fields Entrepreneur

Wayne Green is the founder of 73 Magazine, Byte, CD Review, Cold Fusion, New Hampshire ToDo, Elemental Energy, and dozens of other magazines. Wayne is an international speaker as well as being a guest speaker on popular radio shows including Art Bell's late night program. Wayne speaks about amateur (ham) radio, health, nutrition, wealth, world travel, politics, cold fusion, submarines, education, new/future technologies, unusual books, ET's, and most any other topic a listener wants to discuss. - http://www.waynegreen.com/wayne/says.html#secrethealth At 89, Mr. Green is emphatically NOT retired.