William F Hamilton

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William F. Hamilton
William F. Hamilton
Residence CA, CA
Nationality USA
Known for Flowing Gravity, Paranormal
Scientific career
Fields Systems Analyst, Author

Bill Hamilton is a Senior Programmer-Analyst who has worked in the information technology field for over thirty years. He studied psychology, physics, and engineering in college. He has an AA degree from Pierce College and continues to take science courses at UCLA Extension. He has pursued interests in science, mathematics, aeronautics, computers, and parapsychology. He has studied the UFO phenomenon since 1953. He is currently Executive Director of Astrosciences Network and works as a Senior Programmer-Analyst at UCLA.


  • Senior Software Developer, in the Information Technology field for over 30 years.


  • Cal State University Los Angeles (1960-61), Psychology
  • AA degree Pierce College (1987), Physical Science
  • University of Phoenix (1996-7, 2001), Information Technology
  • UCLA Extension (2002), Science Certificate Program


  • United States Air Force Security Service (1961-65). Top grade in Electronic technology.


  • Foundation for Research in Parapsychology (1960-61)
  • Understanding Inc. (1957-61)
  • World Federation of Science and Engineering (1970s)
  • MUFON (1976-?)
  • Skywatch International (1997-?)
  • High IQ Societies: MENSA (1983); TOPS (1993); GLIA (2002); Sigma Society (2002); ISPE(2002); IHIQS (2005); ISI-S (2005)

Books and Publications

  • Space, Time, and Gravity (1975)
  • Center of The Vortex (1979)
  • Close Encounter Report (1978)
  • Cosmic Top Secret (Inner Light Publishing 1990)
  • Alien Magic (Inner Light Publishing 1996)
  • The Phoenix Lights (Write-to-Print 2001)
  • Time Travel NOW! (Global Communications 2005)
  • Project Aquarius (AuthorHouse 2005)