Yurij V Baryshev

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Yurij V. Baryshev
Born (1948-05-08)May 8, 1948
Residence St. Petersburg, Russia
Nationality Russian
Known for Cosmology, Big Bang
Scientific career
Fields Research Scientist

Yurij Victorovich Baryshev has been at the Astronomical Institute of the St. Petersburg State University for the past twenty years. He is currently a Senior Reseacher at the Laboratory of Active Galactic Nuclei. His professional activities at the Astronomical Institute involve scientific reseach, graduate and undergraduate  special courses. The main field of his research interests is relativistic astrophysics with emphasis on foundation of physics of gravitational interaction. He investigates relativistic tensor field approach to gravity, active galactic nuclei, quasars, gravitational  radiation from astrophysical objects, gravitational lensing by dark matter. He studies implications for cosmology of the recent discovery by the Rome University's group of the fractal structure of the large scale galaxy distribution. He has been developing critical astrophysical tests for modern cosmological theories.

Dr. Baryshev was one of the original signers of "An Open Letter to the Scientific Community".

Education: 1985, Ph.D. Astrophysics, St.Petersburg (former Leningrad) State University, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA.