John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society

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John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society
Established 2015
Founder John Chappell
Legal status active
Leader David de Hilster
Key people
Cynthia Kolb Whitney Charles William Lucas

The John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS) is a world-wide think-tank of critical thinkers made up of professors, PHDs, scientists, engineers, and layman who openly criticize mainstream physics and cosmology and who propose alternative theory, philosophy, and models. Members have been together for over two decades using critical thinking to find flaws and failures in mainstream science and propose new directions in natural philosophy.

The group holds annual conferences, weekly Saturday morning video chats, and publishes an annual proceedings. During their annual conference, they award lifetime scientific awards to prominent members. They are also sponsor of the


(History of the NPA here by founding members.)

New Identity

Although the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS) was founded in 2015, over 97% of its members are former members of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) which was founded in 1994 by Dr. John Chappell, Neil E Munch, and others. The CNPS purposely took the name of it's original president and founder to ensure that everyone would know that the group's philosophy would continue Dr. Chappell's legacy. The group also rebranded itself with a new logo 'phi' and purchased the domain name

After a dispute between directors and members in 2013, over 97% of the NPA membership publicly demanded the resignation of the director and secretary at the time. Refusing to resign, more directors defected and eventually the director in charge left the organization with only a skeleton directorship. The NPA is still owner of the website but only has a handful of members who no longer seem to be active.

For all intents and purposes, the CNPS and its memberships can be considered as a continuation of the NPA. At this point, it looks like the NPA will eventually fold.

The CNPS has incorporated as a 170(c)(2)(B) organization, different from the 501(3)(c) of the NPA and has also written its operating agreement in such a way that the membership can at anytime, remove directors, thus solving the problem