Chung Y Lo

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Chung Y. Lo
Chung Y. Lo
Residence Nashua, NH, United States
Nationality Chinese / USA
Known for general relativity
Scientific career
Fields Physicist, Mathematician

I am a theoretical physicist and mathematician. I have been in the field of gravitation dong research for about 20 years. My major work is on theoretical developments related to general relativity and rectifying its mathematical and conceptual errors. I discovered many ?experts? actually understand general relativity very poorly. I proved that E = mc2 is only conditionally valid; and this would affect some currently popular theories. I also discovered the charge-mass interaction that is and would be responsible to many puzzles in physics. I have a Ph.D. in mathematics from Queen's University, Canada and a D. Sc. in physics from MIT, USA. I learned general relativity from Professor S. Weinberg, a Nobel Laureate and mathematics from Professor I. Halperin, FRSC.