Comments on the Cylindrically Symmetric Waves of 't Hooft

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Scientific Paper
Title Comments on the Cylindrically Symmetric Waves of \'t Hooft
Author(s) Chung Y Lo
Keywords Einstein?s equivalence principle; covariance principle; principle of causality; gravitational wave
Published 2010
Journal None
No. of pages 14


It has been found that it is impossible to have a dynamic solution for the Einstein equation and the nonexistence of gravitational wave solutions is due to a violation of the principle of causality. However, ?t Hooft claimed that his ?cylindrical symmetric wave? would challenge this conclusion. It is shown that the metric form of the Einstein-Rosen type violates the principle of causality. Thus, the ?wave? of ?t Hooft is invalid in physics because he fails to tell the difference between mathematics and physics. Moreover, there are two errors in his construction, namely: 1) the plane wave has been extended beyond its physical validity as an idealization, and 2) the integration over the angle is not a wave packet and cannot be justified with any physical process.