Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics and the B(3) Field

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Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics and the B(3) Field
Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics and the B(3) Field 648.jpg
Author Lawrence B Crowell, Myron W Evans
Published 2001
Publisher World Scientific Publishing Company
Pages 472
ISBN 9810241496

It is well known that classical electrodynamics is riddled with internal inconsistencies springing from the fact that it is a linear, Abelian theory in which the potentials are unphysical. This volume offers a self-consistent hypothesis which removes some of these problems, as well as builds a framework on which linear and nonlinear optics are treated as a non-Abelian gauge field theory based on the emergence of the fundamental magnetizing field of radiation, the B(3) field.


  • Interaction of Electromagnetic Radiation with One Fermion
  • The Field Equations of Classical O(3)b Electrodynamics
  • Origin of Electrodynamics in the General Theory of Gauge Fields
  • Nonlinear Propagation in O(3)b Electrodynamics: Solitons and Instantons
  • Physical Phase Effects in O(3)b Electrodynamics
  • Quantum Electrodynamics and the B(3) Field
  • Quantum Chaos, Topological Indices and Gauge Theories
  • Field Theory of O(3)b QED and Unification with Weak and Nuclear Interactions
  • Potential Applications of O(3)b QED
  • Duality and Fundamental Problems

Readership: Graduate and undergraduates in physics (electromagnetism), differential geometry & topology, electrical & electronic engineering, theoretical & physical chemistry, chaos and dynamical systems.

"? beginners may benefit from the exhaustive references to the literature of contemporary workers in the field." -- Zentralblatt MATH

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