Ingvar Astrand

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Ingvar Astrand
Ingvar Astrand
Born (1939-11-10)November 10, 1939
Residence S-15252 S?dert?lje, Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Known for Entropy, Cosmology, Unification
Scientific career
Fields Architect, Inventor, Independent Researcher

I studied architecture at KTH in Stockholm from 1970 but did not complete the studies. I won a national inventors contest in 1975. I have worked since then as inventor with own business. I have 7 patents and about 100 patent applications.

I presented The Unified Theory of Physics at following international conferences:

  • NPA at Connecticut University in Storrs 2000 (Program)
  • TH2002 at UNESCO in Paris 2002. (Poster-introduction)
  • Baltic State Technical University in St.-Petersburg, Russia 2002
  • Kazan State University, Russia 2003. (I gave a plenary-lecture)
  • NPA and AAAS at Denver, Colorado 2004 (Lectured about the CO2-sink)